About BIG


About BIG

The Brown Investment Group (BIG) was founded more than 10 years ago on the principle that Brown University students interested in the field of finance and investing, both professionally and recreationally, should have a forum where they can discuss, learn, and apply those interests.  

The Group's goals are:

1. Education

We educate Brown undergraduates about investing and finance-related topics. We do this by offering Educational Sessions to discuss market developments and techniques for evaluating investment decisions. We also offer Mentors to each presenting group to assist and direct the research and preparation. One of the best ways to learn about investing is participation in the presentation of a Buy or Sell Proposal to the Group.

In addition to our regular meetings, we engage with alumni and other University groups on special projects and presentations.

2. Investment management success

We manage over $240,000 of Brown's endowment that we independently invest. We meet with the Investment Office once a semester for a financial check-up.

We seek to leverage Brown’s unique student insights in order to outperform the S&P 500. Our investment method is a deliberative, democratic process. The process begins when a team of students presents a proposal to either sell a stock that we own or buy the stock of any company traded on a US exchange. This presentation is followed by a counter-buy or counter-sell proposal. After a Q&A session, the members of the Group vote on the proposal. A simple majority dictates the action of the Group.

For weekly proposals, members who have limited experience in investing, but who have attended past meetings and are interested in taking a more direct role, are encouraged to volunteer for a proposal. 

Our investment policy statement can be found here

We meet weekly on Mondays in the MacMillan 115.
Education Sessions - 7:00PM
General Body Meetings - 8:00PM
Research Committee Meetings - 9PM